Geographic Information System (GIS) Certification course, Online and Classroom Training, Know fees, schedule and registration.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Duration : 3 months

A Geographic Information System (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS has vast applications, it’s used in urban planning, environment management, precision agriculture management, water resource planning, utility planning and maintenance. Complete life cycle has some or big scope of GIS and GPS. Indian geospatial industry has huge need of skilled man power on GIS and GPS. This course will help you to secure GIS job.

In this training, you will learn GIS concepts including spatial data structures, data sources and transfer methods, projections and coordinate systems, geo-referencing, metadata, supporting software, global positioning system (GPS), as well as fundamental spatial analysis techniques such as overlay, extraction. Concepts presented in lecture will be put into practice through hands-on laboratory exercises utilizing the best GIS software.

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Describe what is GIS? Why the data in GIS called geo referenced? GIS related domains.
  • Describe how GIS has being utilized in decision support system and real world applications
  • Understand the basic concepts of geography necessary to efficiently and accurately use GIS technology.
  • Understand the data display and cartographical methods
  • Explore and visualize geo-database
  • Define datum and geographic, projected coordinate system and their types
  • Define and design the GIS data model such as vector, raster, TIN and attribute
  • Describe application of various data models
  • Define Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Describe various source for data and data acquisition terminologies in GIS
  • Describe the topological relationship of spatial data
  • Understand source of error in data acquisition and FIX the error using GIS software tools
  • Make use of attribute query and spatial query in complex analysis contexts
  • Define vector, raster, network and surface analysis and their application
  • Describe what is GNSS, how it works and errors in GNSS?
  • Understand the concepts of Aerial surveying and how it works
  • Understand the concepts of Remote Sensing and how it works
  • Understand the technical language of GIS.
  • Understand the GIS career opportunities in current marketplace
  • Define the geospatial industrial workflows
  • Understand the open source and propriety GIS software vendors worldwide
  • Perform various GIS tasks such as data modelling, geo-database creation, visualization, digitization, map clean up, topology, geo-referencing, data linking, symbology, geo-processing, overlay analysis and map composition in most popular GIS packages like ArcGIS Desktop 10.0, AutoCAD Map 3D and QGIS.


  1. ArcGIS Desktop
  2. AutoCAD
  3. AutoCAD Map 3D
  4. QGIS
  5. GPS/GNSS Instrument
  6. ArcPad
  7. Google Earth Pro


  1. Data modelling
  2. Geo-referencing
  3. Digitization
  4. Topology, QA/QC
  5. GIS Analysis
  6. Symbology
  7. Map Composition
  8. Data Interoperability Data conversion from GIS to CAD, kml, kmz, shp
  9. Batch geo-processing
  10. WebGIS, Web Services for base maps
  11. Mapping grade GPS handing (Trimble GPS)
  12. GIS Data collection, validation by GPS with desire accuracy
  13. Stake out of GPS
  14. Technical domain vocabulary of any two GIS application


  • Knowledge of computers

Who Should Attend?

  • Graduate or post graduate from any stream
  • Diploma from any branch
  • ITI
  • Class 12
  • 1+ year experience in related field

Training Mode

  • Online - Instructor Led
  • Classroom - Instructor Led


  • Job Oriented Course

Target Job Role

  • GIS Executive
  • GIS Engineer
  • GIS Operator
  • GIS Surveyor
  • GIS Service Engineer


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