Global Mapper Training

Working with Global Mapper

Duration : 40 hours

This course teaches you how to use Global Mapper for various GIS and Survey tasks. This includes importing online data and save it to use as offline, geo-rectification of raster images, digitization, visualization of 3D data, simulates water flood levels on terrain, draw sectional views, export data to various formats and many more.

Covers the following:

    1. Introduction to Global Mapper
  • What is Global Mapper?
  • Navigating the user interface
  • Zooming and panning the map
  • Working with the Overlay Control Center
  • Managing the Configuration options
  • Managing the Workspace
  • Where to find help
  • Using keyboard shortcuts

  • 2. Importing or Adding Data
  • Supported data formats
  • Importing a vector layer (shapefile, etc.)
  • Adding a raster image file
  • Importing a Digital Elevation Model
  • Adding data from a Web Mapping Service
  • Creating a Map Catalog to manage multiple map and layer sources
  • Importing points, lines, and polygons from a text file

  • 3. Data Creation and development
  • Georefectifying an image file
  • Creating and Editing Map Features
  • Drawing points, lines and polygons (freehand and COGO)
  • Modifying the geometry of existing objects
  • Creating range rings
  • Creating buffers
  • Creating a map grid
  • Searching for Records
  • Searching and recentering the map on a specific address or coordinate pair
  • Searching the attribute data
  • Finding and replacing values in the attribute table
  • Searching for objects within areas, range rings, and buffers

  • 4. Managing Attributes
  • Adding attributes to new features
  • Updating object attribution
  • Joining tabular data to assign attribution
  • Creating a new layer from selected attributes or search results
  • Embedding a link to an external file
  • 5. Creating a thematic map
  • Creating a density map
  • Rendering Objects on the Map
  • Changing and customizing styles for points, lines, and polygons
  • Altering color and transparency in raster layers
  • Adjusting the elevation shading
  • Adjusting the map layout
  • Printing the map view

  • 6. 3-D Modeling Functions
  • Importing xyz values to create an elevation model
  • Creating and customizing a 3-D terrain map
  • Creating 3-D vector features (buildings, etc.)
  • Creating contours from a DEM
  • Creating an elevation profile
  • Rendering and calculating line-of-sight values
  • Generating a viewshed model
  • Calculating cut and/or fill volume
  • Generating watersheds

  • 7. Interfacing with a GPS Receiver
  • Configuring Global Mapper to communicate with a GPS receiver
  • Transferring maps to a handheld GPS receiver
  • Rendering GPS-collected data
  • Tracking and recording GPS location
  • Creating waypoints
  • Adding GPS-tagged images to the map
  • Data Export and Sharing Functions
  • Geocoding addresses
  • Exporting data Tools
  • Exporting vector layers
  • Exporting raster layers
  • Reprojecting layers
  • Exporting and sharing Global Mapper Package files
  • Collaborating with other Global Mapper users
  • Exporting elevation data
  • Exporting web-enabled data and tiles
  • Anybody who interested to learn Global Mapper


  • Understanding of GIS fundamental concepts

Training Mode

  • Online - Instructor Led
  • Classroom - Instructor Led


Post Training Support

  • Yes

Training Material with exercise manual of each PostGIS, Geoserver and Openlayers

  • Exercise Manual
  • Three month post training support


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