GIS, Remote Sensing and Surveying, GIS Programming API, CAD API course list at Khagolam Institute, know fees, schedule for classroom and online training

Industry Role Based Courses

Overall curriculum, software tools and key skills measured in role based courses are as per inputs of KIG Curriculum Advisory Body (CAB) and role analysis of done by KIG placement cell. Role Analysis includes analysis of minimum 500 job description listed on popular GIS job portals. These course target specific job role and strengthen job opportunities in geospatial industry.
Course Title 
Job Role 
Diploma in Digital Land Surveying3 monthsLand Surveyor
Diploma in Drone Surveying and Mapping3 monthsDrone Surveyor
Diploma in Geoinformatics6 monthsGIS Analyst / LiDAR Technician
Diploma in Geospatial Development ESRI12 monthsESRI Developer
Diploma in Geospatial Development OS12 monthsOpen Source GIS Developer
Introduction to GIS3 monthsGIS Technician
Photogrametry & LiDAR6 monthsPhotogrammetrist & LiDAR Engineer

Value Addition Courses

These course are suitable for who want to uplift their skill to next level or add new skills to their profile. This includes student want to learn skills for their projects, working professionals from related domain of geospatial technologies.

Application Specific

Course Title 
Geospatial Technologies for Agriculture Management80 hours
Geospatial Technologies for Environment Management80 hours
Geospatial Technologies for Urban Planning80 hours

Programming API

Course Title 
Automating QGIS Workflows Using Python40 Hours
Developing GIS portal with Open Source60 hours
Introduction to Geoserver16 hours
Programming .NET API for AutoCAD40 hours
Programming ArcGIS Server with Java Scripts API40 hours
Programming ArcGIS with Python40 hours
Programming ArcObjects with .NET40 hours
Programming with OpenLayers24 hours
Programming with Visual AutoLISP40 hours
Remote Sensing with Google Earth Engine4 days
Working with PostGIS32 Hours

Software Training

Course Title 
Introduction to ArcGIS Server32 hours
Microstation for Geospatial40 Hours
Model Building & Python Scripting in ArcGIS1 month
Working with ArcGIS Desktop40 Hours
Working with ArcGIS Online12 hours
Working with AutoCAD Civil 3D40 Hours
Working with AutoCAD Map 3D40 hours
Working with Global Mapper24 hours
Working with LiDAR Data40 hours
Working with Pix4D4 days
Working with Quantum GIS40 hours


Course Title 
Advanced Surveying with Total Station4 Days
Orientation on Drone Surveying2 days
Surveying with Airborne and Terrestrial Lasser Scanning16 hours
Surveying with GNSS16 hours
Surveying with RTK Drone5 Days

Workshops and Seminars

Course Title 
Workshop on GIS and Its Applications16 hours
Workshop on GIS for Agriculture16 hours
Workshop on Surveying with Drone 2 Days
Workshop on Total Station16 hours

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